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Cat Enclosures And Runs

  We specialize in manufacturing cat enclosures, cat fencing and custom designed cat enclosures for your outdoor cat run requirements.  We have been in business since 1989, servicing Melbourne with Australia wide delivery service available.

 Cat enclosures for outside and cat runs are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoor freedom for indoor cats. Your cat is going to enjoy having a outdoor cat enclosure for your backyard.

   Outside cat enclosures and outdoor cat runs connected to your house, is great for you and your cat, as they can go in and out as they please which is the key ingredient for a happier freind.  We offer installation in Melbourne or you may be interested in diy cat enclosure kits.

 Outdoor Cat Enclosures are not just cat cages when they are connected to an existing building. A cat run in Australia is becoming very popular.  A cat enclosure is the best choice for your felines outdoor adventure and play.  Cat enclosures outdoor also give you that peace of mind that your cat is safe, outdoors in your backyard.

  Our cat enclosures are galvanized wire mesh, that is ideal for outdoors and we also use netting. We want your feline to enjoy many years out in the great outdoors.

 slimline palace outdoor cat enclosures

  You and your feline are going to love the benefits, from having a cat enclosure, they are not a cat cage. An outdoor cat enclosure and cat runs  systems are an adventure playground for your feline. If you live in Melbourne call in and check out all the enclosures on display. Or send us an email for a quote with our Australia wide delivery.

  Here at C.K.E we specialize in quality Cat Enclosure Kits that connect to your house or free standing.  By installing a cat door to your house and using Runner to connect it together.  Allowing your feline to be out in the fresh air or in with you.

 This way your cat has the choice weather to be in or outside.

Cat Enclosures Australia  Interstate purchases available
 Please email for delivery cost.
Include your post code for costing.

Palace Cat Enclosure

Palace Outdoor Cat Enclosure  Being a large area 2.65 x 1.76 mtr the Palace is one of our large outdoor cat enclosures, it is great for multiple cats that get along together, or if they are not so friendly towards each other we have divisions to keep them seperated.

  This Enclosure is big enough for about 4-5 Cats while giving them frolicking area amongst small shrubs and trees or additional products and accessories, litter trays, food and potted plants.

  The palace kit has 2 dividing wire mesh panels which creates 3 sections with a daybed and 2 steps to get to the bed in each section. Or if your cats get along the bays can be linked up with access holes.    more info

Fortress Cat Enclosure

Fortress Cat Enclosure thumbnail  The Fortress is our most popular medium size cat enclosure being a convenient size the Fortress will go in a fairly small area. Down the side of your house or they make a great cat enclosure for decks or patio and balcony.

There is enough room for a 2nd day bed, for more than 1 cat.If you are looking to build a cat enclosure this is a easy and affordable way to build your own cat enclosure.  The enclosure is 180cm long x 90cm wide x 180cm high.

  The kit contains the 1 x Fortress, 1 x day bed, 3 steps, assembly clips, PDF instructions and ground pegs to secure it in place.

  If it is going on a hard surface like concrete, we recommend securing it in place with 6 galvanized Tec-screws. keep reading


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  Cats are not solitary animals, they strive for attention, they don't like to be locked up just like you and i. Our products are designed to be connected to an existing building, ultimately your house is the best alternative for a cat to be happy.

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